These are only for those living in the Wiltshire villages of Bratton, Edington, Coulston and Erlestoke.

This week I am hoping to start a daily reflection in a live broadcast on a programme called Zoom.  On Palm Sunday I will be broadcasting a service from home at 10am, including the blessing of palms which will be distributed when church re-opens later in the year.  I hope that the technology works without a hitch!

It will be a service of Holy Communion, but, for obvious reasons, only those present at the Vicarage will be able to receive the blessed bread and wine.  Try to remember those times before you were confirmed, when you went to services without being able to receive, but were still fed with the Word of Life through the sharing of scripture, the prayers and the teaching of the sermon.  It’s all we can manage at the moment.

Monday – Friday I will be broadcasting a daily reflection and service of Compline at 9pm each evening.

All of these will be done on Zoom, for which I hope you will receive an invitation by email.  Just click on the link in the email, and you should be connected.

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The Cross on Picquet Hill – Normality Reigns.

Although Bratton’s annual Good Friday Pilgrimage has been cancelled, arrangements have been made for the Cross to be in its usual place overlooking the village on Picquet Hill during the Easter period. 

Please share this information with your friends and neighbours.

Pastoral care is available by phone or email:

Rev Andrew Sinclair 830374

Rev Malcolm Wieck 830256

Rev Anne Ilsley 830651

Andrew King 831227