These are for the Benefice of Bratton, Edington and Imber, Coulston and Erlestoke.

1.      Internet Church Services

· The Easter Sunday Benefice Service on Zoom went very well, with 33 “screens” involved (the participant number was higher than this as in some cases couples or families took part). There was a slight hiccup when Andrew’s free Zoom subscription cut him off at the 40 minute limit, but we all started again within a couple of minutes. However the Benefice account has bought a Zoom licence for Andrew so that there is effectively neither a time limit for a “meeting” nor a limit on participants.

·         This Sunday’s Service will be led by Malcolm (after Andrew has welcomed us all as we log in).  The link for this and all future Services will be the same as that used on Easter Sunday.  Please let me know if you no longer have it.  When you open Zoom, you should find that “Andrew Sinclair’s Personal Meeting Room” appears in a drop down list of meetings that you have previously used (if, of course, you have joined a previous meeting).  If you haven’t used Zoom before, please consider doing so.  It is very easy to use.  Also, note that you can easily decide not to have your video picture displayed!

·         Don’t forget to safely light a candle in a window at 7 pm every Sunday and say a prayer or two.

2.      Bible Reading Group.  From the Rev’d Anne Ilsley:

I have been holding a bible reading group on a fortnightly basis and we have successfully transferred that on line. Unfortunately there is not space in the online format to have new people join us, but if there are people who would like a similar group meeting online on a weekday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, I am happy to start a group to run for the period of the lockdown. I know that the bible reading group isn’t the only small group in the benefice, but now might be a time for an extra one.  Please reply to me on if you would like to join a group. The group size will be limited to 9 cameras (but I would be happy with a smaller group) and I will arrange a practice session for getting onto the platform we use, to hopefully iron out any technical problems before we meet for the actual discussion. Before each meeting I would ask you to look at something beforehand and we would only have 40 minutes for the discussion session on line.

Thank you, Anne

3.      The Cross on Picquet Hill.  Many thanks to those involved in emplacing the cross, notably Tim Goode and Simon Gray, and both to Tim and also Keith Rayward who took the moving photos that I circulated and which were widely appreciated.

4. Easter Garden Displays. Many thanks to Liz and Mike Smith who constructed the Easter Garden outside the church, to Sue Vogwell who constructed one at the Church Institute, and to Marie who organised this at Andrew’s request.

Thanks also to the Whiffin family, who designed and constructed Edington’s Easter Garden in the church porch, and to Ted Lloyd Jukes for Coulston’s Easter Garden.

5. Window Displays. Well done to everyone who displayed Easter eggs (or pictures of them) on Sunday. Marie asks that you replace them with a teddy bear this Sunday and that your bear remains for walkers to see

6. You are invited to a children’s church meeting on zoom. @ 4.00pm this Friday 24th April. We will have a Spring / Easter theme. If you would like to join us please contact Andrew King 831227 or Rev Anne Ilsley 830651